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Celebrating ten years of recruitment success 

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We're celebrating 10 years of success, having been responsible for recruiting professionals across a variety of roles in science, technology and industry since 2006.  

Techconsult prides itself on providing the best possible recruitment solutions to businesses and organisations operating in some of the most demanding sectors and its track-record speaks for itself.  

To mark a decade in business we bring you an insight into ten of the many placements that Techconsult has made across a variety of industries including; Offshore, Process, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Renewable and Subsea Sectors. 

#1 Russ Prevett, Controls & Instrument Supervisor, Maersk Oil Qatar

Offshore professional Russ Prevett turned redundancy into an opportunity, with the help of Techconsult UK, and is now undertaking a dream role as Controls & Instrument Supervisor at Maersk Oil Qatar.

After being dealt a blow while working as an electrical engineer in 1998, Russ took the opportunity to retrain as a programmable logic controller. Following a spell working with a small special purpose machinery builder, and with a raft of experience under his belt, he approached Techconsult to investigate opportunities within the subsea industry where he successfully secured a role as lead control engineer working on a project with Technip based in Aberdeen.

The initial break into the offshore sector has acted as a career catalyst and he is now undertaking a varied and technical role within the Al-Shaheen Field.  His broad scope of responsibilities include maintaining safety systems, acting as a day to day lead for a team of electrical and instrument maintenance technicians, implementing safety change management systems and operating Permit to Work procedures.

Russ commented: “Techconsult helped me break into working for one of the major players in the sub-sea industry on some great projects and with some brilliant people.  The placement gave me great visibility of the Oil & Gas Sector and posed some great challenges.

“My three years at Technip gave me the confidence and experience to find further challenges with companies like Wintershall, Subsea 7 and now Maersk. It’s a challenging career but one that brings with it a host of opportunities,” he added.



#2 Garry Ingoldsby, Business Development Manager, Materials Processing Institute (MPI)

Engineering expert Garry Ingoldsby is back doing what he loves best after contacting Techconsult UK for help to renew a career within the sector.

As business development manager at The Materials Processing Institute (MPI) in Teesside, Garry is responsible for building relationships with customers operating in the offshore energy and engineering sectors.

The role represents a return to his roots having completed an engineering apprenticeship in 1980 and subsequently a degree, and then going on to undertake a number of senior roles within large multinationals before changing direction and running his own design and print business for five years. 

“I enjoyed the experience of running my own business, however after a while I had a strong desire to get back into engineering on a full-time basis so I contacted Techconsult UK for help in finding a suitable opening.

“I was immediately impressed with the industry knowledge and his desire for best fit recruitment.  Techconsult understood my passion and capability and went about finding the most suitable role to best match both the client and my own skill set.  My current role at MPI is the second position where Techconsult has placed me and they have both been an excellent match,” commented Garry.

The role at MPI involves developing new contacts where the Institute can use its expertise and experience to address any technical gaps and challenges through Research and Development (R&D) and innovation.

“What I enjoy most about the role is the environment and the people. The facilities at the Materials Processing Institute are world-class and the scientists and engineers are amazing, some are world authorities in their field and never fail to impress,” he added. 



#3 Neil Murch, Commercial Manager, Tracerco

Former apprentice Neil Murch is working for a world-leading industrial industrial technology company after receiving a helping hand from Techconsult UK.

Neil was appointed as commercial manager for instrumentation control systems at the Teesside headquarters of Tracerco in December 2013 and is responsible for ensuring the company's technology solutions are matched to the operational and process needs of their client's assets and plants.

Neil started life as an apprentice for an injection moulding company which provided the opportunity to gain practical hands-on skills, while learning the theory of electrical and mechanical engineering at Sunderland College. 

After going on to study for a degree while working, Neil secured a broad range of engineering experience in sectors including automotive, pharmaceutical manufacturing and oil and gas before being approached by Techconsult about the opportunity with Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc, a British speciality chemicals and technology company. Tracerco's products and services include radiation monitors, nucleonic instrumentation, process diagnostics, subsea technologies, reservoir characterisation, radiation protection, analytical services and product assurance technologies.  

Neil comments: "It seemed like an interesting position and a good fit with where I was planning to be, the next logical step if you like. Techconsult offered me some good advice throughout the recruitment process and were knowledgeable about the company, which helped me plan for the first stage interview. They also assisted during the negotiations and were only a phone call away if required. Needless to say, I got the job".

"My role is extremely varied and rewarding. I travel all over the world meeting new people, working in different cultures/environments and maintaining relationships with existing customers which is vital for securing any future business. The oil and gas industry is a very vibrant, wide-ranging and interesting sector to work in, even through the current downturn, there still maintains to be a number of large scale projects and opportunities," he added.

#4 Annette Gregory, Business Support Manager, EpiValence Limited

Finance expert Annette Gregory has found the job diversity she’d been looking for since securing the role of Business Support Manager at EpiValence Limited, a manufacturer of advanced chemicals for the electronics industry, based at Wilton in the heart of industrial Teesside.

Techconsult UK helped Annette secure the role which involves all aspects of finance including sales, purchase and nominal ledger activities, cash flow, banking, VAT and payroll.  She also has a responsibility for the packing and shipping of dangerous goods as well as the general administration of running the office.

Having spotted the vacancy online, Techconsult UK was able to offer Annette the insight into the role and the business itself to ensure it was suitable. 

Annette commented: “I spoke to Techconsult about the dynamics of the organisation and decided that I would make a perfect fit for the company.  I have always worked in finance and this role attracted me as it offered some variety from purely finance activities.

“I started working for EpiValence in June 2014 and hit the ground running, my first step was training in the shipping of dangerous goods and since then I have been solely responsible for the shipping of all goods. I have also taken on the administration of two European projects.

“What I enjoy most about the job is the fact that every day is different and the work in both varied and interesting.  I would definitely recommend working in the chemical sector.”

#5 Iwan Edwards, Senior Process Engineer, Applied Graphene Materials

A role with a pioneering technology firm is proving to be a fresh challenge for engineer Iwan Edwards.

Iwan secured the position of senior process engineer at Applied Graphene Materials with support from Techconsult UK in late 2015 and he is relishing the challenges involved with the development of new graphene manufacturing processes and applications which will enable the potential benefits of graphene to be delivered in everyday products.

After graduating from university Iwan embarked on an Engineering Doctorate in Formulation engineering with the University of Birmingham where he was based with the project’s industrial sponsor, Johnson Matthey.  He then moved on to work in a group that develop Johnson Matthey’s catalyst manufacturing technology for existing and new manufacturing plants around the world.

Iwan commented: “Techconsult UK supported me in my most recent career move into a dynamic role that is an excellent fit with my skills and experience.  It allows me to use all the skills and knowledge I have developed in my career so far to develop a new business and deliver new and exciting products.

“I love the variety of problems and challenges the role brings; the biggest challenge being delivering the right solutions to tight timescales. 

“Process development, and Process engineering in general is a very rewarding career. It requires a good balance of creativity and technical skills. I would advise anyone thinking of entering this sector to try and gain as much hands-on experience as they can within the process industries, and think about the kind of industry and company they would like to work for.”

#6 Daniel Calleja-Martinez, Biochemical Engineer, Centre for Process Innovation 

Biochemical Engineer Daniel Calleja-Martinez is fulfilling his career potential after receiving advice and support from Techconsult UK.

Daniel began working with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) in October 2015 after finding out about the position from Techconsult.

“I first applied for a technical role in fermentation, but the Techconsult consultant advised me about another role that would match better with my studies and experience, this was a more senior position. The application process was really straightforward,” said Daniel.

Prior to securing the role Daniel had completed a degree in chemical engineering before studying for a doctorate in bioprocess engineering, which provided the experience required to move into the biotechnology field. The role at CPI is enabling Daniel to put his studies to full use, utilising both his knowledge of chemical engineering and bioprocessing.

“I really think that biotechnology, or bioprocess engineering, is the future for production of goods and services as it is usually more cost-effective than pure and classical chemical production. One of the biggest challenges is persuading companies to move from a well-known process to a new more beneficial one.  All processes need to be optimised and improved, so there’s a definite opportunity for budding chemical and bioprocess engineers, he added.”

#7 John Wallace, Lead Marine Systems and Pipelay Integration Engineer, Technip Brazil 

Marine Engineer John Wallace’s career has taken him to far-flung shores after being presented with an opportunity to work with energy giant Technip Brazil which is responsible for the engineering, development and maintenance of oil fields owned by Petrobras.

As Lead Marine Systems & Pipelay Integration Engineer within the new build department, John oversees the design, construction and commissioning of Pipelay Support Vessels destined for long-term operational charters with Petrobras.

The opportunity for John to make the transition from operations to the project side of the marine engineering industry presented itself when a vacancy for a project engineer with Technip UK arose through Techconsult UK in 2008.  Eight years on he is working with the Brazilian entity of the group based in Rio.  Having successfully completed the delivery of four new Pipelay vessels, his responsibilities have expanded to encompass discipline lead and managerial positions in various shipyards across the world. 

He said: “Techconsult provided me with the initial opportunity in 2008 when they submitted my CV to Technip UK for appraisal, one week later I flew to Aberdeen for an interview and commenced work the following week.

“Techconsult also provided advice in relation to the content and format of my CV in addition to helpful guidance to get me through a successful interview process, in part due to their in depth knowledge of the client and their requirements.

“I find project work interesting as the working landscape is in a constant state of flux, new people, countries, working cultures and of course, the technical and cost challenges associated with delivering an asset on time and within budget.” 

#8 Moosa Farzaneh, Lead Planner for the Four Lines Modernisation (4LM)programme, Thales UK Ltd 

Project manager Moosa Farzaneh’s career in the rail industry is right on track after getting a break into project management in 2011 with the help of Techconsult UK. 

Techconsult assisted Moosa in securing his first contract position as a project planner with Technip in Aberdeen in 2011, where he progressed to the role of planning manager up until August 2015 when the contract came to an end. Techconsult was instrumental in a smooth transfer to Moosa’s current role with Thales UK Ltd, after he decided to switch industry sectors as a result in the downturn in oil and gas.

He said: “Techconsult UK helped me to secure my first contract position that provided me with valuable experience in project management. They also ensured that the transition to my new role went very smoothly and I had a great experience dealing with their professional consultants.

“I decided to change industry and move to more stable sector and as there are plenty opportunities in rail industry.” 

Responsibilities in his current role for the Transport for London modernisation programme include leading a team of project planners, monitoring programme schedules, costs and resources and heading the programme integration group responsible for integrating UK and Canada programmes 

He added: “I enjoy all aspect of my job. To be able to see the whole project life cycle from beginning to the end with having insight to all details from tender stage to engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning is interesting and at the same time challenging.”

#9 Angela Hogg, Data Input Clerk, Technip UK

Former librarian Angela Hogg has found an ideal opportunity to utilise her skills in the private sector as a data input clerk working for oil and gas giants Technip UK in Aberdeen.

Angela applied for the post after seeing it advertised on the Techconsult UK website and felt it was the right fit with her experience and qualifications, having completed a degree in librarianship and information studies in 1992.

The role was initially a contract position, however she has now been permanent staff at Technip for almost three years.

She said: “I’ve worked in the library and information world for over 20 years since graduating, so the lure of information work drew me to this private sector position. 

“The information sector can present a lot of interesting opportunities and it provides an opportunity to increase your own knowledge as you go along.

“Contract posts can become staff posts even if they are not advertised as such, so it can be worth taking the chance on them.”

#10 Andrea Parr, Business Development Manager, Materials Processing Institute (MPI) 

Sales professional Andrea Parr is diversifying her industry experience having secured a role as business development manager for the chemicals and process sectors at an independent research and development organisation.

Andrea was presented with the career opportunity at the Materials Processing Institute (MPI) in Teesside by Techconsult UK who have been engaged by MPI to help identify high calibre candidates to enhance the organisation’s outward facing commercial team.  

Having started in the role in August 2015 Andrea is relishing the challenge that the change in sales environment is offering.

She said: “The position with MPI has provided an opportunity to experience a totally different environment to the one I had started in, enabling me to mature as a sales professional.”

“What I enjoy most about the role is working with many different people as a result of collaboration across different functions internally and different companies externally. I would advise anyone wishing to enter a commercial role to not underestimate the benefit of a multi-discipline background, or the significant value of experience of very different work areas.”


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