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  • Techconsult UK aims for growth after MBO
  • Bespoke Science, Technology and Engineering recourcing services
  • Contract, Permanent and Consultancy assignments
  • Petrochemical, Process, Renewables, Bioscience and O&G expertise
  • It's a people thing!
  • Recruiting Professionals for Science & Industry since 2006
  • A complete range of services for the recuitment of professionals across a broad range of sectors
  • The best possible solutions to your professional recruitment needs in some of the world’s most demanding Science, Technology and Industry sectors

About Techconsult

At Techconsult we work in partnership with our clients to provide a professional, proactive recruitment service, managing the entire recruitment and selection process. We provide consultative advice for clients on recruitment trends, candidate availability and resource management. We can conduct full search and selection methods to ensure the most suitable candidates are attracted for highly specialist vacancies. Working closely with Recruiting Managers & HR we provide input to advertising and attraction strategies, job analysis and creating/modifying job descriptions & personnel specifications.

Founded in 1999 in Norway, the business has grown organically and worked hard to build a strong reputation for excellence in its fields of operation. Techconsult is based in Norway with offices in Bergen, Oslo, Tønsberg, Stavanger, Molde and in the UK at the heart of the Petrochemical and Process industries on Teesside.

Techconsult UK operates nationally and internationally and is constantly looking for the best recruitment solutions for its clients. UK Managing Director Steve Guest describes the way that the business operates:

"Our team is Innovative, always looking for the best solution, Open because openness gives confidence, and Professional. We love rising to the challenges involved in taking our job seriously to meet our clients' needs."

Providing excellence through:

  • Highly qualified and motivated staff
  • Understanding of our clients' needs
  • Extensive cooperation and communication
  • A high level of service and flexibility

More than just recruitment, we offer:

  • Recruitment for contract, consultant and permanent staff positions
  • Recruitment consultancy services
  • Specialist recruitment services - including testing, search, selection, pre-screening etc

The company is driven by a desire to meet challenges and offer the best solutions possible for clients working in some of the world’s most demanding industries. That means taking your needs seriously and coming up with innovative solutions.

Contact Us

Tel: +44 (0)1642 456300    E-Mail: contact@techconsult.co.uk